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Throw-away source code

Updated Jan 7, 2003: This is not yet the 17-kernel rewrite that I'm currently working on -- that's taking longer than expected. This is the same code that was here, with some bug fixes and minor improvements. It has been built and tested with these systems:


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Design decisions

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Free software tools

Useful documents and links

PC bootstrap

Protected mode (pmode)

C library (libc)

C++ issues

Putting text on the screen

PC keyboard

Interrupts and exceptions


Physical memory (RAM)

Virtual memory

Block devices (disks)


Serial ports

Executable and relocatable file formats


Inter-process communication (IPC)

PnP and PCI




Mirroring and offline viewing

All OSD files, mirrored daily!: http://www.belg88.com/OSD.tar.gz (Thanks Gleb!)

Or, download everything from execpc.com using WGET:

wget -N -w 0 -x -r -L -np http://my.execpc.com/~geezer/osd/index.htm
The WGET home page is http://www.gnu.org/software/wget
Win32 binaries of WGET are here: http://ftp.sunsite.dk/projects/wget/windows/wget-1.8.1b.zip

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